How High a Priority are Your Employees This Labor Day?

Labor Day is a great time to take stock of the workplace, to assess how things are going and people are doing as we approach the last quarter of the year. According to news reports, many people who are working feel lucky they have jobs, especially when they look around and see so many people who do not. Yet underneath that feeling of relative good fortune simmers a stew of negative emotions arising from a sense of unfairness, like anger and resentment. These feelings are especially prevalent when people feel they have been wronged or treated unjustly by employers who have taken advantage of them during the economic downturn by cutting pay and benefits more than necessary. They feel trapped in their jobs, unable to go elsewhere because of the lack of choices in today’s job market.

Here’s my question for employers: when the economy turns around and people again have job and career choices, what will your workplace look like? Will your good performers stay with you, or will they be the first ones out the door? Will the reputation you are building now serve you well, or will it be the cause of your demise? The answer will depend on how you treat your employees now, every day.

The “secret” to any organization’s ability to thrive is to make its employees a high priority. When management goes all out to make employees fully successful, everyone wins: the organization, workers, customers, and stakeholders. Even when times are tough, there are plenty of things employers can do to support their employees.

Don’t let the good news of the upcoming economic recovery be the downfall of your organization because your employees abandon you and your poor reputation doesn’t have replacements beating a path to your door. Make it your mission today to help your employees become fully successful. The future of your business is riding on it.

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