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The purpose of this blog is to help readers optimize their desired business and personal outcomes by aligning the misaligned. What I mean by “aligning the misaligned” is illustrated by the graphic on the top left side of this page. Whether the big arrow represents business goals or personal goals, you can see immediately that reaching those outcomes is much more likely when the small arrows, which represent the steps needed to achieve them, are going in the same direction as the big arrow. When our people, programs, processes, and systems are misaligned, it doesn’t matter how much harder or longer we work, or how much more money we spend on them: they are at cross purposes with one another. When all of these elements are aligned with the goal, however, realizing the desired result is much easier and more efficient.

Imagine what it would be like if you were able to achieve your goals smoothly instead of struggling against misaligned means and ends! My objective is to provide ideas about where misalignment may exist and how you may address it effectively. I’ll be sharing my own ideas and observations as well as commenting on information I run across. Most of the focus will be on “aligning the misaligned.” However, from time to time I will delve into other management and relevant life topics. I invite you to join me on this journey!

Please feel free to use what you read, hear, or see on this blog as long as you provide full and proper attribution.

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Dr. Pat Lynch

Rules of the blog:

  1. The intent is to publish at least two new entries each week. These may take the  form of brief articles, commentary, or pod casts.
  2. Posts are welcome. Any comments that do not add value to the discussion, are in bad taste, use inappropriate language, or slander anyone will be removed.

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